New gripping jaws for a manufacturing robot

Assignment: Develop and produce new gripping jaws for an automated manipulator.

Description: It was necessary to make one set of gripping jaws for a robot. The previous jaws were made of Dural and could not be modified for a new product version. At the same time, it was not desirable for the new jaws to have a very hard gripping surface to avoid leaving scratches or other marks on the products.

The new product model was adopted, the robot head modeled, and new jaws designed. These were reinforced with HSHT glass fibers in appropriate parts to increase strength and durability. 4 pieces of threaded inserts were inserted into the final product by diffusion method for subsequent mounting of tubing. Print time of three pieces was 38 hours. Less than 96 hours have passed since the order placement to a delivery to a satisfied customer.