Mold slider

Assignment: Develop and produce a mold slider with conformal cooling.

Description: Long mold cores need to remove large amounts of heat from the cavity. It is often very difficult to insert cooling channels into a given die. This leads to slower and more uneven cooling of the molding, its deformation and thus an increase in the price of the molding.

We designed conformal cooling in the given mold slider following the exact shape of the mold. In order to avoid the need for supports for the overhanging walls, the cross-section of the channels has a teardrop shape. The part was subsequently made of H-13 tool steel on our 3D printer.

As the mold parts require high dimensional accuracy, the mold inserts are usually fine mated. The part is therefore manufactured as a semi-finished product, equivalent to a roughly machined state.

Part main parameters:

  • Part dimensions: 86x30x42mm
  • Chanel diameter: 4mm
  • Outer wall thickness: 6mm (the core has a triangular infill)
  • Material: Tool steel H-13
  • Precision: +0,2/-0,1 mm
  • Price without development: 900 EUR