Mold inserts with conformal cooling

Conformal mold cavity cooling is a current trend in the plastics industry. It offers significant acceleration of mold cooling and enhanced geometric accuracy. This reduction in a process with an approximate 50% impact on the product price means the return on investment is very rapid.

We offer both the design and production of mold inserts, taking advantage of our years of experience in the design of plastic parts and molds. The design includes computer injection analysis.

Conformal cooling is also used for other types of tools such as aluminum die casting tools, hot cutting knives, heat exchangers and the like.


What kind of documentation do I need to produce a part?

A model in .stp format is ideal, possibly with a drawing or additional specification of the component (optical requirements, stress analysis, etc.). If you do not have such data, then just a sketch and we will take care of everything else.

I would like to have an already produced part made of fiber-reinforced plastic for better mechanical properties but have no documentation for it. What can I do?

You can send us the part or bring it to us. We will scan and measure it, make adjustments as required and manufacture it.
If you need the part for your operations, we will come to you and scan it on the factory floor to minimize shutdown.

I need to have certain surfaces manufactured very accurately, e.g. coaxial. What is the accuracy of the finished product?

After printing and sintering, product accuracy is guaranteed to conform with ISO 2768-c. For geometry-optimized components, we achieve an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm. If you need surface treatment or precision machining for some areas, simply indicate these requirements in your order and we will arrange such treatment/finishing.

I have already prepared a structural design for a part (I have a model). When will I get it if I order it today?

Everything of course depends on current capacity, but we are able to deliver metal parts within a week from order confirmation.
We deliver products made of composite materials within five days. If you need a product as soon as possible, please contact us by phone.

I only need a design for parts or devices. Can I order this service only, without you producing it?

Of course. We also offer manufacturing as a separate service.

Do you ship products outside the Czech Republic/EU?

Of course. Companies and individuals from all over the world can send us orders. Shipments are usually sent via parcel service, e.g. DPD, UPS.

How can I send you a query for production/services and how does it work?

The best way is by e-mail or by filling out the form on our website. You can contact us by phone or make an appointment to visit us in person. We will send you a quotation with all the agreed parameters and payment details based on your data. After you confirm it, the product is manufactured and we inform you about the shipment details.

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